An Artist Turned Common Words Into Hilarious Puns & It Will Give You A Laugh Riot!

Every word can have various and different meanings depending on how it is used in different situations and if art is added to words, then this combination can do wonders. Something of this sort has been done by an artist, Karen Rosen, who has made some amusing drawings and used English words to give it a distinctive meaning.

These English words or phrases are used by us in daily lives but we may have never interpreted them in such manner as Karen has. The following puns will change the way how you perceive those groups of words or phrases, giving them altogether a new and hilarious depiction!! Be ready to get your funny bone tickled!!

1. Never saw butter fly like this..

2. Who wouldn’t want such cereal killers?


4. What a chocolate milkshake! #Yummy

5. OMG! Nose is literally running ?

6. And pot is smoking

7. Never thought rolling the dice could be so funny ?

8. How sweet!

9. Aww-so-cute <3

10. So heavy



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