10 Annoying Things Indian Girls Do!!!

1.Speaking English No matter how bad their English is,they will always try to speak in English just to let everybody know that she can speak English. Source  2.Their Look To Men  You’re not looking at[…]

10 Things We Do When We Are Home Alone!!

We all do crazy things when we are home alone.We dance,we sing,we motivate ourselves (I know for how many days your motivation stays in your mind :P).But I’ll list a few and please let me[…]

19 Hilarious Photoshop Fails!!

1. Aditya Roy Kapoor will go mad after watching this!! 2. Fcuk you World.. She’s Mine ? 3. Phenchowwwww…. 4. No wonder why Lions eat Humans!! 5. Never seen this Avtar! 6. Somebody isn’t happy[…]